St.Xavier's International School , is one of the most Reputed CBSE School in Jaleswar , Odisha.At St.Xavier's International School , we believe, that learning is multi-dimensional-as we prepare students for the world & challenges for the future. St.Xavier's International School's pedagogical ideology transcends the confines of the classrooms & pages of a textbook to a more multi-faceted approach. In keeping with the theory of "Multiple Intelligence," we believe that every child has some latent potential and we seek to make them aware of this. Apart from,the prescribed academic curriculum, our infrastructure is so designed so as to provide optimum opportunities for students to develop and chisel their full potential.In other words "Child Empowerment"-is our credo, whereby by giving them the resources to understand their true calling and make the right choices in a world where transient values are buffetted by a stressful environment and knowledge explosion. For us,education means to learn effectively, think creatively, develop adequate emotional intellect,apply and understand concepts to make decisions.


St.Xavier's International School , stands for being a global leader for excellence in education that empowers students, faculty and employees with values that contribute to universal brotherhood, create great leaders to meet challenges and make a positive contribution to society. We aim to expand our operations to provide education of the highest quality in diverse spheres. Methodologies that compliment and enhance existing educational systems. Stress is being laid on value education to inculcate moral values, ethics and Indian culture among the students. It is developed through singing National song, reciting Shlokas, narrating religious stories and celebrating the birth anniversaries of saints, scholars and great leaders. The school encourages harmony and peace by giving equal importance and showing equal respect to all religions. Discrimination on the basis of caste creed, colour, religion are discouraged creating an atmosphere of unity, integrity and brotherhood. The college prepares the students as Global Citizens of future with scientific approach and quest for knowledge. Overcoming the narrow boundaries of fear, superstitions and dogmas, our students grow and develop with free spirit, broader vision and enlightened mind.


Our Vision is to be a leading organization in all spheres of education in Odisha and beyond. We are committed to academic, human excellence and empowerment of our students with enduring values . Our college is committed to students exploring, finding, attaining and experiencing their full potential through innovative teaching methodologies that compliment and enhance existing educational systems. We aim to expand our operations to provide education of the highest quality in diverse spheres.